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Monday, 23 December 2013

MILLS, James(1835-1918)

1901census 66 years //at home with family address 20 Arthur Street, Plumstead. SE18
Saw Sharpener

(1901census 63 years // at home with family address 98 Robert Street, Plumstead. SE18
Retired Mechanical Engineer)

1911census at home with family address 66 Brewery Road, Plumstead. SE18
Old Age Pensioner Formerly Saw Mill Machinist. 

Died aged 82.

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

WW 1- govenment shell filling factory

unknown photograph

Was this taken in Woolwich or else where during WW 1 ?

The author writes ….sorting, shed, possibly at the Royal Shell Filling Factory at Woolwich ..

Checking the lifting plugs fitted to completed high explosive shells. These plugs are removed and replaced with fuses when the shell reaches its firing position [gun battery].

Artillery in the Great War by Paul Strong and Sanders Marble
Published by Pen & Sword 2011 (paper back 2013)

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