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Sunday, 26 May 2013


October 01
Closure of the Great Eastern Ferry. Operated from 1847, from the Eastern Counties Railway Station in North Woolwich by steam boats from a North to South pier. 

 1916 Ordinance Survey

JUBY, ThomasHenry(1848-1930)


1901census 32 Riverside Road, Plumstead
1911census 32 Riverside Road, Plumstead
JUBY, ThomasHenry(1848-1930) Shelled Labourer "in charged of bil pumps"
Eliza(wife); *Walter(son) ; Albrt(son);

*also Arsenal Worker

Wednesday, 22 May 2013



1906.04 monthly army list {as of 1906.03.31

army chaplains' department
ran: Captain) 4th class
drury, w rev ba
avent, e rev ba

acting army chaplains
cairns, j rev
kemp, d rev

staff for engineering services

ELTON, HA FSI   1901.11.01 Woolwich Arsenal
Rank:  (Captain) Surveyor (1st Class)
burns, gj B Sc  1898.05.10   Woolwich Arsenal
Rank: (Captain) Surveyor (2nd Class)

Warrant Officers at Woolwich

school masters
middleton, g   1895 1stclass

ogden, fr           1903
constable, wa    1904

royal artillery garrison
Serjeant Majors
JOHNSON, W             1905 Royal Military Academy
mcelwee, p          1895 instructor manufacturing department
stevens, ej             1900Instructor ord college
Clarke, g                 1904 royal aresenal
lyle, j                    1905 Instructor ord college
artillery clerks ; Serjeant Majors
webb, cgf              1903.04.01 record office
Appleton, b           1906.01.05 record office

superintending clerks
gooled,h           1902.11.03

royal engineers ;serjeant majors

singer, dc                1893.04.01 sm storekeeper
taylor, hj                 1898.02.16 foreman of works
murray, a                 1900.11.29 Royal Military Academy  Instructor
Addison, jl              1903.05.06 mechanist

Army Service Corps
1st class Serjeant Majors
switisur, g 1885
warner fmc 1897
Burdett, fw  1903  Woolwich arsenal

serjeant major
Marwick, ac 1903

staff serjeant

Mackie, r 1900 2company
morris, s 1900
spain, t 1901record office

Sunday, 12 May 2013

DICKSON, GeorgeBrotherston(1864-1937)


DICKSON, GeorgeBrotherston(1864-1937)
 1937.01.07North Devon Journal funeral at Landkey [St Paul] Church, Devon.
He was described as Chief Designer of Carriage Department. and then working for Napier's.
Lived at ...
12 St Margaret's Road Plumstead Woolwich (still there in 1931 Electoral Registers)

1901census Mechanical Draughtsman R Carr Dep
Wife: Agnes
Children; Ann; Lillias; George;

1911census Foreman Engineering Draughtsman  born Dumbarton Dumbartonshire


Friday, 10 May 2013


on show at crossrail woolwich station box earlier this year when the outer shell was completed in the excavations of this.

Three navel cannon were discovered in cased in cement. 
with thanks to Paul Evens.

were they used as foundation to machinery?



Created: 23rd July 2004
The Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, UK: the Role of Women Workers

BARKER, LilianCharlotte(1874—1955)


© IWM Q 27893

Miss Lilian Barker OBE and a group of women war workers from the 'danger buildings' at Woolwich Arsenal. Miss Barker is the 'Lady Superintendant'.

with women workers in the TNT Department, Quick Firing Cartridge Factory No. 4, Woolwich Arsenal, May 1918.

To be an Additional Dame Commander of the Civil Division of the said Most Excellent Order:—
Miss Lilian Charlotte Barker, C.B.E., J.P. For services in connection with the welfare of women and girls [London Gazette 1944.06.08

WW1- tailor shop

GP Lewis(photographer)

© IWM Q 27858

workers in the tailors shop                         1918.05

WW1- Fuse Danger Buildings

GP Lewis(photographer)

© IWM Q 27874

Workers leave                                             1918.05

WW1- munition uniform

GP Lewis(photographer)

© IWM Q 27894
A full length portrait of two munitions workers.
Both are wearing short overalls, trousers and caps. 

Who were they?

WW1- New Case shop

GP Lewis(photographer)

© IWM Q 27849
Workers range shell cases. 

WW1- Cartridge Factory 5

GP Lewis(photographer)

© IWM Q 27854
Women workers place bullets into trays.  

WW1- Shell Factory 3

GP Lewis(photographer)
© IWM Q 27870
Women war workers gauge shells. 

Which Plumstead gate?

GP Lewis(photographer)
© IWM Q 27857
Workers leaving through gate.

BOWDEN, WilliamJames


Went to Australia in 1912 on the SS Australind. 

The guns manufactured at the Arsenal were tested on the firing ranges at Plumstead marshes, and I can recall as if it were now the days when heavy artillery was being fired and local houses in the area shook with the reverberations. The first one of the day made us jump, but after that we scarcely noticed them.

Will worked at the Arsenal up to the time he emigrated, and many other members of our family were employed there, including his young sister Ivy. Another sister suffered from cordite poisoning and as a result had a yellow complexion for the rest of her life.

For more of his story see ...

JONES, Harry


Donated (assumed in the 1980's) to the Royal Artillery Regiments Museum Archive and Library.

 RAHT AL669_item001

This is a Retirement Certificate for Mr Harry JONES dated 17 February 1950 after more then 35 years service in the Royal Arsenal.   Issued by Ministry of Supply. 

Included with this is a photograph of a man loading a vehicle (inter war years) onto a truck outside Dial Arch Square. Is this him ?
 RAHT AL.669_001

This is only section of the photographic print.
Stamped on back… DD Photo
What does DD stand for?

Thursday, 9 May 2013

BOWDEN, William


Left: Right:
Are these the same person ?

Greenwich Heritage 
Cartridge Factory No2 Ordnance Factory 1919.06

The man on the right is a William BOWDEN. 1920
1911census employed "Explosive Worker Completory Cartridge"