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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Friday, 8 March 2013

Shell and Fuses Agreement 1915


Sir George ASKWITH's Treasury Committee on Production.
Engineering unions and employers

Was this taken in the RWA?

under the title ...
A woman munition worker gauging shell cases. .......................

The History of the T.U.C. 1868-1968 published by the General Council of the Trade Union Congress 1968

Crane girls. RWA ?


Was this taken in Woolwich Arsenal?
under the title ...
Making a bomb.
Factory workers could earn £2..10..0d a week, more the four times a parlour maid ..........

Picture published in ...
Yesterday's Britain. Readers Digest Association Limited 1998

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Locomotive "Invincible"


Hawthorn Leslie 0-4-0ST 'Invincible'
1915-1955 Worked within the Woolwich Arsenal.

bristol202000 in 1994


see ...

WW 1- medal cards


1919 Munition Workers Medal was not issued

WO 372 The National Archives search of Medal card and image on Ancestry

Additional information on the following welcomed ...


Corps: Royal Arsenal Woolwich.

Rank: Civilian.

14 Ethronoi Road, Bexley Heath, Kent applies on 1919.06.10 for Munition Workers Medal

COOPER, Marjorie Olive.

Corps: Superintendent of Hostels Woolwich Arsenal.

not found Ancestry.


Corps: Royal Arsenal Woolwich.

Rank: Civilian.

267 Gladstone Avenue, Wood Green. N22 applies on 1919.01.01 for Munition Workers Medal

RUSCOE, Albert Oswald.

Corps: Woolwich Arsenal and Imperial Ministry of Munitions Att. Canada

Rank: Foreman.

SS Nora. PO Box No 837, Victoria BC Canada applies on 1921.09.27 (not allowed)

SMITH, Emanuel L.

Corps: Royal Arsenal Woolwich Shell Examiners.

6 Godstall Chambers, Chester applies on 1919.01.31 for Munition Workers Medal

Note: change of address 41 Pricy Road, Chester

TOMLINSON, Charles Henry.

Corps Regiment No Rank Woolwich Dockyard.

Mrs H TOMLINSON widow 316 High Street, Plumstead. SE18 applies 1919.09.22


Corps: Royal Arsenal Woolwich.

49 Edward Street, Deptford. SE8 applies on 1919.01.25 for Munition Workers Medal

WELLS, Charles Edward.

Corps: Regiment [None stated] Labour Inspection Department R Arsenal Woolwich

Rank: 8304 4118

Sec.Treasurer The Imperial  Veterans in Canada
 430 Lansdowne Avenue, Winnipeg Man aplies 1919.12.09



Corps: Woolwich Arsenal.

Rank: Inspector of Gun Carriages.


Corps: Woolwich Dockyard.

Rank: Civilian Employee.

not found Ancestry.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

WW 1- 2 London Brigade


2 London Brigade, Royal Field Artillery(Territorial Force)

1908 Formed from the 3 Kent(Royal Arsenal) Royal Garrison Artillery(Volunteer) Headquarters at Woolwich, south-east London.

1914 Became

1/2 London Brigade, Royal Field Artillery(TF) until 1916 became 281 Brigade Royal Field Artillery(TF) Placed in suspended animation in 1919.

2/2 London Brigade, Royal Field Artillery(TF) until 1916 became 291 Brigade Royal Field Artillery(TF) disbanded in 1919.

WW 1 so the unit in the home and Western fronts.

1920 Reconstituted as part of the 5 Brigade Royal Field Artillery(TF) which became the 92(5th London) Brigade Royal Field Artillery(TA)